Efile Income Tax

There are several ways how to file your income tax return – through mail or online. Both methods have their own pros and cons but when you opt to efile income tax, the advantages are it being quick and easy. When you efile income tax, you use tax preparation software which has an auto-fill feature and automatically enters any information you have entered previously. The process also saves you a trip going to the post office. Aside from this, the IRS has reported that you tend to have fewer mistakes when you efile income tax. This is because once you submit your income tax return it is detected immediately and sent back to you for amendment within the next 48 hours. Another advantage of e-filing your tax is the shorter time you have to wait for refunds. Where it takes up to six weeks for your refund to come when you apply by mail, the waiting period is cut to more than half the waiting time when you e-file your tax return.