eTax is a free service provided by the Australian government for taxpayers. It is also a secure way to prepare, check, and file their income tax returns for that year. In 2012, there are some changes made to the eTax including reporting details of any flood levy exemptions which Centrelink handles at the moment. Other changes include replacing the TaxPack suite with individual tax instructions and individual tax reactions supplement. This new documents are much easier and more efficient than the old one. The set of instructions have been changed as well, with the new one less technical and more concise. Filing your eTax online takes a few minutes and comes in three simple steps. First, you answer the wizard that will generate the calculations for your refund. Then you can choose between filing your income tax return using the e-file or by mail. Once you have accomplished this, all you need to do is wait and receive your tax refund in 10 days.