Roth IRA contribution limits in 2017 -- and how to work around them
Clients have a way of getting around the government's limits on how much they can contribute to these tax-free retirement accounts, according to the website Motley Fool. This article takes a close look at those limits and how some clients can still find ways to make contributions. -- Motley Fool

(Image: Bloomberg News)
(Image: Bloomberg News)

6 steps to take with your financial action plan now
Whether your client is investing in stocks, bonds, ETFs or mutual funds in a 401(k) retirement account, Investor's Business Daily suggests that now's the time they should check to if these are the right choices for the year ahead. One equity strategist's approach is to overweight U.S. stocks and underweight 10-year Treasuries, as well as overweight financial services stocks, U.S. small-cap stocks, energy stocks and industrial companies' stocks. -- Investor's Business Daily

Tax Secrets: Don't let qualified plan funds fall into a tax trap
Clients with a significant amount of money in an IRA, profit-sharing plan, 401(K) or other qualified plan have a strategy available that may dramatically increase their after-tax wealth, according to The Naples Daily News. To avoid taxes on their savings in qualified retirement plans, clients can try an approach called the "Retirement Plan Rescue," which allows them to use a certain portion of their retirement plan funds to purchase a single life or second-to-die insurance. -- The Naples Daily News