AICPA building in Durham, N.C.
AICPA building in Durham, N.C. Photo: AICPA

The AICPA’s Assurance Research Advisory Group (ARAG) announced two awards on Tuesday for funding and/or research that cover assurance subjects in the CPA profession.

The announcement comes after ARAG - which consists of professionals and academics who work in conjunction with the American Accounting Association - issued a request for proposals last July.

“We were impressed by the range and thoughtfulness of the submissions,” stated Susan Coffey, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants’ executive vice president for public practice. “The two projects that rose to the top should result in useful insights into the behaviors and factors that can influence private company auditing. We look forward to reviewing the research when completed. It is an important facet of our comprehensive commitment to enhance audit quality.”

ARAG chose the following projects for approval:

· “Identifying Significant Components and Determining Component Materiality in Group Audits: Does a Focus on Size Miss the Mark?” by Ann Backof, PhD, CPA, assistant professor, University of Virginia; Brant Christensen, PhD, CPA, assistant professor, University of Missouri-Columbia; Steven Glover, PhD, CPA, professor of accountancy and associate dean, Brigham Young University; Jaime Schmidt, PhD, CPA, associate professor, University of Texas at Austin.

· “Lost in Translation? A Comparative Analysis of Auditors’ Perceptions of the Firms’ Tone at the Top” by Veena Brown, PhD, CPA, assistant professor, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee; Christine Earley, PhD, CPA, professor, Providence College; and Kerri-Ann Sanderson, PhD, CPA, assistant professor, Bentley University.

For more on ARAG and the AICPA, head to the Institute's site here.

Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe is a senior editor with Accounting Today.