Thomson Reuters has released a multi-factor authentication app that provides user verification using at least two forms of identity. Thomson Reuters Authenticator is both Apple and Android compatible.

The tool is available for both cloud-based and desktop deployments. To use Thomson Reuters Authenticator, users pair their mobile devices with their CS Professional accounts. Thereafter, when they sign into their software, they use their mobile devices to approve the sign in attempt. They have to present evidence from at least two of the following categories: something you know, such as a password; something you have, such as a phone; something you are, such as a fingerprint.

Thomson Reuters Authenticator has already been implemented for all products in the Thomson Reuters Professional CS suite, including on-premise software. The app allows firms to require all staff to use multi-factor authentication, and to allow clients to opt-in as needed or advised by the firm.

Ranica Arrowsmith

Technology editor for Accounting Today.