Property Taxes By State

As much as each state in America has their own unique culture and feel, so are the property taxes. Non-profit organizations have taken the time to gather information about the different property taxes by state and compile them to give the people an idea which state has the highest or lowest property tax. The ranking on property taxes by state is based on a standardised number for comparison which is based on the percentage of property taxes paid on the average sale of owner-occupied properties in each state. The top three best property taxes by state ranking found by the tax agency are Louisiana, which has 0.18%; followed by Hawaii and Alabama, which has 0.26% and 0.33% respectively. In contrast, the states of New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Texas earned the top three spots of those who have the worst property taxes which are 1.88%, 1.86%, and 1.81% respectively. For a more detailed report for property taxes by state, there is a lot of information found on the internet.