Texas Comptroller Sales Tax

The Texas Comptroller Sales Tax office acts as the tax collector, revenue officer, and accountant. The office is responsible for imposing States Sales and Use Tax on retail goods, taxable services, and the lease and rental of other products and services. The Texas Comptroller Sales Tax also has the authority to impose any additional local sales tax of up to 8 ΒΌ percent to the combined sum of the state and local taxes. Aside from the imposition and enforcement of necessary tax rates in the state of Texas, the Texas Comptroller Sales Tax office also has a commitment to answer and address problems and inquiries regarding tax issues by phone or by mail. They also give information on tax updates, permits, and filing methods. If you have any questions regarding issues on sales tax, the tax department is open and prompt in addressing your concerns. The web sites provided in these links have a more detailed information regarding your tax questions.