Washington State Sales Tax 2011

President Obama signed a tax measure in 2010 which allows Washington residents to deduct their Washington State Sales Tax 2011 on their federal income tax return. This tax concession is available if you itemise your deductions instead of taking the standard deduction. This deduction is calculated by adjusting your gross income and various tax exemptions. Furthermore, you can also claim deductions on actual sales tax and use tax paid if you have all the receipts from the purchases you have made. The Washington Department of Revenue web site has all the latest information and notices regarding Washington State Sales Tax 2011rates and changes. Washington State Sales Tax 2011 is considered as one of the highest combined rates of sales taxes along with the states of Louisiana, Tennessee, Arizona, and Oklahoma. At present the combined tax rate of Washington State is 8.79 percent and a 0.5 percent increase is being proposed at the moment. This proposal is an effort to fill the deficit in the state’s budget.
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