California Tax Brackets

The California tax brackets are divided into seven marginal brackets which range between 1.00 percent and 10.30 percent, the rates of which apply to the appropriate marginal tax bracket. The rate of inflation in the California tax brackets until 2012 is at 1.9 percent. Technically, however, you pay all California tax brackets as your marginal tax rates are calculated up to the last dollar. This means that your tax bracket might change every year depending on your income within the current tax period. Regarding the tax rate schedules, the tax department of the state of California has provisioned 3 schedules for its citizens – Schedule X is for single or married tax payers who wish to file their income tax return separately, while the Schedule Y is for those who are filing jointly. Schedule Z, on the other hand, is for the head of the family. Furthermore, there are additional requirements you need to fulfil if your gross income exceeds those which are listed on the tax schedule.