1040 Forms

Ever wondered what each tax form is used for or were not sure which form to pick. This handy section will help with selecting the right tax form and explain how to file it.

1040ez 2010

The 1040ez 2010 form is used to file your income tax return but only applies to the 2009 tax year. Since the 1040 series are some of the most often used tax forms, they are annually revised by the IRS. However, this does not apply to the other less frequently used forms as they are only revised as n…

1040ez Form 2012

Tax filers in the United States can readily get their 1040 ez Form 2012 from the IRS web site. You can download this in PDF form and free of charge. There are also other web sites authorised by the IRS where this form is available. The 1040 ez Form 2012 is for those who are filing their income tax a…