How to Advertise a Tax Preparation Service

In the past, tax preparation services have often survived primarily based on word of mouth. Today, however, there are many competing services available -- sometimes even on a national or global scale. For a tax preparation service to grow its client base, it needs to be able to market itself as exceptional within its chosen niche. 

Get on a Business Listing

Getting a foothold within the tax industry begins by being where customers are looking. Many customers aren't certain where to go when they're looking for an accountant. If they can't rely on word of mouth, they'll often go through business listings. A business listing will put you side-by-side with other credentialed professionals in your area; once you're contacted, all you need to do is get them in for a consultation.

How to Advertise a Tax Preparation Service

Narrow Down Your Demographics

Tax preparation services are generally targeted to a core audience demographic, in addition to being targeted to specific geographic locations. Not every small tax firm can compete with national chains, but they can compete when it comes to "individual taxes in Wisconsin" or "small business taxes in Toronto." By drilling down to the major demographics that you serve, you'll actually be improving your odds of developing your client base. Part of advertising lies in creating buyer personas -- fictional representations of your buyers -- that you can speak directly to.

Advertise through Multiple Channels

Websites, social media, online advertising, mobile advertising, radio, and television -- all of these are options for your advertising. The strongest advertising strategies utilize multiple channels at once and integrate all of these channels into a single message. Today, many individuals find tax services through the Internet. Search engine optimization and social media presence have become exceptionally important. But those aren't the only methods.

When advertising a local tax service, you can also "go offline." That means leaving business cards in local restaurants and venues, putting up posters, and generally reaching out to your community. Establishing a presence at community events, fundraisers, and charitable giving events are a way that you can advertise your business while also giving back. 

Focus On Your Core Strengths

Everyone needs to do their taxes and there are many services available to help them. If you're advertising a tax preparation service, you need to drill down to what makes your business special. Sometimes it's as simple as the personal touch -- having representatives available to help fill out the forms in person and on site. Other times it may be having advanced and unique technology. 

Don't Forget About Your Word-of-Mouth

Word of mouth advertising is still an incredible tool and it can be leveraged through the digital marketing as well. Positive reviews and testimonials should always be encouraged, as they will give customers a better idea of what to expect from your service. Give customers the best care you can and you'll ensure that they rave about your tax products later on. 

Advertising is an industry that is constantly changing. With the advent of digital advertising and the proliferation of remote accounting services, it often becomes necessary to consult with an advertising agency for an effective campaign strategy. But once a brand identity and brand awareness has been achieved, it may be easier to build a reputation through repeat customers and customer testimonials.