W2 Forms Online

The W2 form is used when you file your income tax return. This form indicates your annual wage and the taxes withheld from your pay check. The W2 forms online , however, is not for you to fill out if you are an employee, but rather by your employer. Aside from the wages and income, your SSS contribution and Medicare is also included in the information given in this type of form. The W2 forms are available in paper form and online. The paper forms can be acquired from your tax department or authorised tax outlets, while the W2 forms online can be found in the IRS web site or other web sites authorised by the Internal Revenue Services. Aside from US residents, non-resident foreign workers who claim US Treaty tax benefits will also receive W2 forms online together with their 1042-S forms. Their forms will state any compensation and the related state and federal tax that apply to the said amount.