Why it's a good time to invest even small amounts into 401(k) and Roth IRA accounts. Plus, avoiding the capital gains hit, and other highlights from our weekly roundup of tax-related investment strategies and news your clients may be thinking about.

  • 4 tips for investing in this bunny market: Investors have neither been bearish or bullish about stocks, which explains why some experts call this zig-zagging and lackluster climate a bunny market, according to Kiplinger. There are some investing moves, however, that are worth considering. Even investing small amounts into a 401(k) or Roth IRA may be worthwhile for clients. -- Kiplinger
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  • Strategies For Avoiding Capital Gains Tax: While some investors may be waiting around for President-elect Trump to follow through on his promise of lowering the capital gains tax, clients can consider these strategies that may lower their payment to the IRS sooner, according to WilmingtonBiz. A 1031 exchange is one approach clients can use to avoid paying capital gains taxes. Other strategies include opening a deferred sales or charitable remainder trust. -- WilmingtonBiz
  • The average American got a $4,886 tax deduction by doing this. Will you? Clients who contribute to traditional IRAs and don’t have a retirement plan through an employer could qualify for a $5,500 tax deduction, according to Motley Fool. This is because clients can deduct the amount they contribute to the traditional IRA from their tax return. Eligibility depends on filing status and modified adjusted gross income. -- Motley Fool