Work product management solution provider iManage has announced new security policy and threat management enhancements, as well as an updated edition of its document and e-mail management application.

The new iManagement Security Policy Manager and iManager Threat Manager enhancements aim to help professionals like accountants and lawyers protect their work product through global enforced and managed security policies, and identifying malicious external attacks as well as internal threats.

Security Policy Manager lets firms manage policies globally, including need-to-know access to sensitive content, and internal segregation of information, as well as allowing them to secure content across a wide range of repositories outside iManage.

Threat Manager uses historical and contextual information from iManage Work to offer higher levels of protection and threat detection.

iManage's new Threat Manager
iManage's new Threat Manager

“iManage Threat Manager can be the key component of a firm’s information security program,” said Aaron Rangel, director of product management at iManage, in a statement. “During client audits, firms can now demonstrate that they have proper controls to protect sensitive information.”

Both Security Policy Manager and Threat Manager are expected to be generally available in the first half of 2017.

New edition

The new release of the iManage Work 10 document and e-mail management app, includes a number of enhancements:

  • A single unified mobile-first user experience.
  • Full integration with a number of tools, including Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, SharePoint and other.
  • Contextual help.
  • New smart lists, smart previews and smart e-mail management tools.

“iManage Work 10 has been designed from the ground up to help professionals streamline their workflow and work smarter in every way,” said iManage CMO Dan Carmel, in a statement. “With its responsive Web interface, improved workflow navigation, predictive search capabilities and versatile timeline views, iManage Work increases productivity, reduces cost of ownership and makes it easy for your team to collaborate in a secure and governed manner.”
For more information, visit the iManage Web site.

Daniel Hood

Daniel Hood is editor-in-chief of Accounting Today and Tax Pro Today, and has covered the tax and accounting field for over 20 years.