Pramata, which makes a customer digitization solution, has released its Winter 2017 cloud platform update.

The platform helps companies with a high number of complex customer relationships manage them in one place. Pramata starts with the customer contract, and digitizes all the information therein into actionable intelligence using both machine learning and human interaction with the software.

One of the new features in the Winter 2017 update is Digital Snapshot, which creates a pop-up of the relevant sections of a customer contract when a user hovers over specific dates.

“If you’re in a CRM or billing system and you want to know what the expiration date for a customer subscription is, if you hover over the date, it’ll show you the original documentation and highlighted section that is relevant,” Pramata co-founder and CEO Praful Saklani explained.

With this release, Pramata has also expanded and added integrations with other business applications. “We have a longstanding integration with Salesforce,” Saklani said. “This release deepens that integration, and we now support their lightning interface.”

Pramata also integrates with DocuSign and Adobe Sign, as well as Oracle and SAP.

Down the pipeline, Saklani said that the company hopes to address the new IFRS and GAAP revenue recognition standards.

“We’re really focused on the end impact of our solutions,” Saklani said. “We’re not just here to deliver technical capability, but a platform for very specific solutions. With the new revenue recognition standards, companies have to really understand their historical and new relationships in an even deeper way. Where do they have flexible pricing that’s triggered by an outside price? How do you flag that so when you account for the transaction it’s as accurate as possible? Down the line, you’ll see targeted, very specific solutions for such things like best pricing compliance for controllers, renewal management and cross sell/upsell management.”

Ranica Arrowsmith

Technology editor for Accounting Today.