Two new members have been named to the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee, the IRS announced.

Appointed to serve on the committee beginning this year:

  • Angela Camp, who for the past five years has been with Intuit, where her focus is on tax administration and policy from the point of view of a software provider. Over the past year and a half, she has been the key point of contact for Intuit within the IRS Security Summit. Camp worked for the IRS in e-tax administration. She is also a board member of the National Association of Computerized Tax Processors.
  • John Breyault, who has been with the National Consumers League since September 2008. He advocates before Congress and federal agencies for stronger consumer protections on issues related to telecommunications, fraud and technology. Breyault manages NCL’s Fraud Center and coordinates the Alliance Against Fraud coalition, and is also research director for the Telecommunications Research and Action Center, a project of NCL.
IRS building

The ETAAC provides a public forum for discussion of electronic tax administration issues, including the prevention of ID theft and refund fraud, in support of paperless filing becoming the preferred method of filing tax and information returns. ETAAC members also work closely with the Security Summit.

Members represent industries including cybersecurity and information security, tax software development, tax preparation, payroll and tax financial product processing, systems management and improvement as well as work on customer service initiatives, consumer advocacy and public administration.

Jeff Stimpson

Jeff Stimpson is a veteran freelance journalist who previously served as editor of The Practical Accountant.