A number of accounting firms and related tech companies has been named to Fortune Magazine's Top 50 Best Workplaces for Giving Back list.

The ranking, compiled by Fortune and consulting firm Great Place to Work by compiling over 350,000 staffer surveys, looks to recognize U.S. businesses that to use charitable initiatives to ultimately create a "more productive, engaged workforce."

“It goes deeper than donating to nonprofits or serving on their boards,” stated Jonathan Becker, a workplace culture expert and partner at Great Place to Work. “Community involvement is moving closer to the core of what the company does. These organizations are searching for ways to build on their teams’ skills and connect them to worthy endeavors that resonate with what they do at work.”

The survey preparers also found that among the approximately 357,000 people surveyed for the list, those gave back were four times more likely to say they were more willing to put in more effort into their work. Respondents also said they were more likely to serve as brand ambassadors through charitable acts and that they would want to stay with their current employers.

The following accounting firms and related businesses, along with their submitted charity donations, were featured on the 50 Best Workplaces list, in numerical order:

#4. Intuit - Total Philanthropic Donations: $42,000,000.
#6. Deloitte - Total Philanthropic Donations: Not submitted.
#18. Crowe Horwath - Total Philanthropic Donations: $1,570,000.
#30. PwC - Total Philanthropic Donations: $88,064,516.
#40. KPMG - Total Philanthropic Donations: $28,417,153.

For the full list, head to Fortune's site here.

Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe is a senior editor with Accounting Today.