Tipalti, which makes payments solutions for global suppliers, has expanded its supplier tax form validation to 47 additional countries, bringing the total number of countries served to 50. This means the company now supports more than 3,200 new tax validation rules.


Tipalti works by enabling companies to collect their supplier tax IDs and use Tipalti’s built-in tax rules engine to prevent tax ID errors and issues. Suppliers in these countries can now provide their tax forms through Tipalti’s self-service portal that integrates with Tipalti’s supplier payments automation platform. The company previously announced AP tax compliance support for companies in the United States, Brazil, and Argentina, as well as VAT ID and document collection.

Tipalti supports tax ID and form collection methods and validation for local tax ID support, European VAT IDs and IRS tax forms, among others.

“Tipalti’s latest international tax compliance capabilities enable our clients to reduce tax compliance penalties and fraud by automating one of the most burdensome areas of modern finance - abiding by the ever-shifting set of tax laws around the world while sending supplier payments in accordance to each country’s unique payment requirements” said Chen Amit, CEO of Tipalti, in a statement. “We firmly believe that fintech and regtech are intimately tied and given the current state of geopolitical economics, it’s more important than ever to deploy dynamic, always-compliant financial operations technology that helps your finance organization easily adapt to the changing world.”

Ranica Arrowsmith

Technology editor for Accounting Today.