DocuPhase has released the latest version of its signature document management and workflow automation software.

The company released version 6.0 in July 2015, and since then has gathered feedback for the next version. AT first, development goals included cross-browser support and increased usability, but 6.1 has added more features based on customer input.

First is an HTML viewer. Older version of DocuPhase worked best with Internet Explorer. Version 6.1’s HTML viewer is compatible with most commonly used browsers, and the new version does not require separate desktop installation for each user like the old one did.

Also new is the work item history map, which allows users can look at any work item’s progression through the workflow. Then there’s the improved help section which provides a context-specific help window. Once opened, the window reads the page the user is on and provides help accordingly. There are expanded annotation options and the ability to upload documents from an email account using the DocuPhase interface.

Finally, DocuPhase has made updates to document caching. Instead of caching on the local workstation, documents will now be cached on the server.

Version 6.1 will be immediately available to all existing clients for a fee, and version 5.1 will be phased out completely.

Ranica Arrowsmith

Technology editor for Accounting Today.