BDO New York offices
BDO New York offices

Accounting firm BDO USA has inked a deal to help market Indiggo’s leadership effectiveness technology.

Indiggo’s new Leadership Platform is designed to focus an organization’s leaders and managers on the most important priorities. The solution is powered by Indi, Indiggo’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology. According to company officials, the tool targets “leadership burn,” a term that describes having an organization’s highest paid individuals wasting time on ineffective initiatives. The Indiggo Leadership Platform is scalable and subscription based.

“We have been working with Indiggo for more than four years now. They have played a key role in getting our partners and senior professional staff to focus their time and energy on the key areas that drive firm profitability,” said Wayne Berson, CEO of BDO USA, in a statement. “More recently, we have rolled out the new Indiggo Leadership Platform to approximately 1,000 of our leaders and managers, and we expect to double that number in 2017. Indiggo integrates easily with our existing technologies and enables our people to maintain focus on executing against our most important priorities. Given our favorable experience with the platform, we are excited to team with Indiggo to offer this innovative solution to help our clients thrive through effective leadership execution.”

Ranica Arrowsmith

Technology editor for Accounting Today.