Financial Executives International started a Leadership Master Class for CFOs and other finance execs who are already in leadership roles or aspiring to become leaders.

The online course, which launched Thursday, includes a series of videos and learning modules. The modules take learners through a story-based curriculum covering leadership skills that executives need to succeed in the upper echelons of management.

The 1.5 hours of coursework are divided into nine modules, including topics such as the attributes of leadership, the leadership mindset, values-driven leadership, deepening leader engagement, the human side of the enterprise, personal connectedness and the technology mix.

Progress on the course is measured through assessment questions. Participants can access online forums to receive support from FEI chief learning officer Dennis Rebelo, the course leader, and peers who are also taking the course.

“The Leadership Master Class allows financial executives to reap the lessons learned by those who came before them and thrive among them today, offering ways to apply those lessons in their day-to-day roles,” Rebelo said in a statement. “This kind of thinking is not only critical to leadership success, it is also catalytic to mastering deeper technical and financial skills and culture building.”

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Michael Cohn

Michael Cohn, editor-in-chief of, has been covering business and technology for a variety of publications since 1985.