The Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA) announced last month that they were initiating a campaign to ask their approximately 22,000 members on reasons for why they love being CPAs. The responses were to coincide with busy season, as to not lose track of the profession's importance during such a hectic part of the year.

Some members stressed the importance of accounting as a lifelong skill.

"I often tell students that accounting is the 'language' of business and being a CPA provides a versatile skill set that can be utilized in any business field you choose to pursue," writes Denise Devine. "Operating in a profession that mandates a code of ethics is also vitally important to the business world. My CPA skills have also added great value to the non-profit and for-profit Boards on which I serve. Even though I no longer practice in public accounting, I proudly maintain my CPA license and AICPA/PICPA membership. It is a wonderful profession and an excellent career choice."


Others found the social aspect of the profession to be its most prominent bright spot.

"I've been a CPA now for almost 40 years," relayed Thomas Alvare. "It has been at the core of all of my career opportunities. Being a CPA allows you the freedom to choose from a multitude of areas of specialty in your quest to help others. I chose Personal Financial Planning (CPA/PFS) applying a blend of empathy and client advocacy with tax expertise, technical analytical skills in planning and forecasting, and independence in rendering investment advice and services. Our reward for putting clients first still continues through my many lifelong relationships with clients and colleagues."

"I love the feeling you get when you know you have helped your clients," Rosemary Lamaestra told the Institute. "You may just be doing your job, but to them it's something they truly appreciate and value. Also, it's great to be a part of such a large professional family. I have met so many other CPAs in our region as well as across the state, and I value the camaraderie that exists among the group."

For the full list of comments (or to leave one as a PICPA member), head to the organization's site here.

Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe is a senior editor with Accounting Today.