Tax Refund Estimator 2011

With the year coming to an end and tax season is approaching fast, it is time again to examine and calculate your income tax return to make sure that you are paying the exact amount stated within your tax bracket. The Tax Refund Estimator 2011 is a tool which can help you make this process much easier, especially if you are not sure which one is considered a tax refund and which one needs to be paid. The Tax Refund Estimator 2011 is easy to use and can be found online in web sites that are dedicated to taxation. The Tax Refund Estimator 2011 requires you to enter necessary information such as age, status, and number of dependents. The information required will vary on the type of estimator you will use. However, you should still remember that this tool will only help you make a tax estimate but you still need to file your income tax return for a more accurate and exact figure.