1099 Forms

Ever wondered what each tax form is used for or were not sure which form to pick. This handy section will help with selecting the right tax form and explain how to file it.

IRS 1099 Form

Basically, the IRS 1099 form is a form that must be provided by clients to freelancers, if their yearly compensation exceeds a total of $600. The IRS 1099 Form can help track miscellaneous income. A single copy of this form must be submitted to the IRS office, which they will keep and use to track a…

1099 Form 2012

A 1099 Form 2012 does not just consist of one form but a series of different forms for different purposes. Each 1099 Form 2012 is suffixed with a letter or letters to indicate what type of taxable income to report. For example 1099- B is used for every sale of bonds, stocks, and mutual funds you hav…