IRS Tax Forms

Ever wondered what each tax form is used for or were not sure which form to pick. This handy section will help with selecting the right tax form and explain how to file it.

2011 IRS Tax Forms

If you are looking for the 2011 IRS tax forms, the IRS web site displays all types of tax forms. All of them are in PDF form and can be readily downloaded. Aside from this, you can find the tax forms you need by year. You have the option to print it and submit it to the IRS in paper form by mail, or…

Federal Tax Form 1040

The Federal Tax Form 1040 is the US individual income tax return form which can be readily downloaded in the IRS website in PDF form. There are three types of forms used when you file your individual income tax return, one of which is the Federal Tax Form 1040 which is updated by the IRS every year.…