Federal Tax Form 1040

The Federal Tax Form 1040 is the US individual income tax return form which can be readily downloaded in the IRS website in PDF form. There are three types of forms used when you file your individual income tax return, one of which is the Federal Tax Form 1040 which is updated by the IRS every year. This form is two pages long and has 11 schedules or attachments. The latest schedule added to the Federal Tax Form 1040 is Schedule M which you can use if you claim the Making Work Pay, a refundable credit which allows you to earn up to 6.2 percent of income credit or up to $400. If you are self-employed or a sole proprietor of a business, then you use Schedule C to file your income tax return. When filing, you need to attach Form W-2 or other forms that the IRS might require to the Federal Tax Form 1040.